Sangay National Park

Hacienda Manteles – Sangay National Park – Hacienda Manteles: In 1981 this National Park was declared by the UNESCO a World Natural Heritage Site. It is located within the provinces of Tungurahua, Chimborazo, Morona Santiago, Cañar and Pastaza. Its area has 517 765 hectares in which you can find a huge variety of ecosystems, an amazing biodiversity and volcanoes like: Tungurahua, Sangay and Altar. This National Park is one of the biggest lagoon areas within Ecuador (324 lagoons) and in our trip we visit either the Ozogoche Lagoons or the Atillo Lagoons. This is one of the most beautiful areas in Ecuador to practice eco-tourism and to appreciate the wanders of nature.

Aprox time: 3 hours (1 way).