Llanganati National Park

To the northeast of Hacienda Manteles you will find the famous Llanganati National Park, which was created on 18th January 1996, thanks to the spectacular flora and fauna found here. The Panzaleos, the ancient people of this region, impressed by the majestic mountains in this Andean range, christened this place ‘Llanganati’, a word of Quichua descent which means Cerro Hermoso (Beautiful Mountain). It’s worth mentioning that the highest peak in this range is also named Cerro Hermoso.

This park is 219.707 hectares in size and is located between the provinces of Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, Napo and Pastaza. The wildlife in this zone is magnificent and one of the most preserved due to the areas inaccessibility.

For hundreds of years, this mountain range has attracted many treasure hunters since legend claims that the great treasure of the Inca King Atahualpa is hidden here. Atahualpa was the last Inca, he was captured by the Spanish and in exchange for his life the Spanish asked for rooms filled with gold and silver. It is said that Rumiñahui, the general responsible for bringing that treasure to the Spanish, hid the gold and silver on hearing that his Inca King had already been killed. The possibility that this wonderful treasure is hidden within the Llanganatis has maintained an aura of magic and mystery around this area throughout the years.

At Hacienda Manteles we can learn more about the great treasure hunters such as Brunner, Blake and Chapman. Hacienda Manteles is the perfect place to begin expeditions into these remote mountains if you want to follow the famous Valverde route or explore the areas where Brunner looked for th treasure for 30 years. For adventurers and nature lovers alike that are interested in entering into these spectacular mountains please contact us to join one of our expeditions that we arrange yearly.