Our very special thank you to all of Manteles staff. Our love and much gratitude to Cesar for creating the lovely hacienda for friends around the world. We have had a wonderful experience! 

Mary and Jim Wiggins, Dittilen Paulus, Sally and Lynn Shafer, Marty, Susan, Mike and Edna Hansz, Overseas Adventure Travel, U.S.A., 10 November 2007

 We certainly enjoyed our stay here and thank you for your hospitality. The surroundings are perfect and your efforts to maintain and improve the environment locally and globally are inspirational and sorely needed. We both look forward to seeing your efforts bear fruit (and look to) as soon as possible. 

Ray and Jan, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 07 May 2007

 Questo posto é fantastico! Ha qualcosa di mistico, fosse il paradiso é qualcosa di simile? Chissá, se casi fosse vale la pena fore i bravi per guadagnarselo! Gracias por todo. Baci!! 

Pietro y Maria, -, 28 April 2007

 Dear Cesar and dear Ernesto,
Thank you for your good company and conversation, for your warm welcome and the wonderful comfort of the house, and for excellent walks; especially the long walk to Baños.

With warmest thanks and good wishes.

Christopher Hingley, -, 11 April 2007

 Dear Guadalupe, dear Cesar and dear Ernesto,
On our trip to the Cotopaxi we saw this sign in the middle of nowhere: ‘Only when the last animal is caught and killed, the last tree felled and the last river polluted, will we come to realize that money has no value.’

By creating an environment that embraces natural life and hospitality you showed us and our children Antoin and Lilian, that there is still a lot of hope for the next generations.

Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing time, inspiring conversations, beautiful sights and opening your home and hearts to us.

We had an unforgettable visit.

Keep up the dreams and ideas!!

Stephan, Jacqueline, Antoin and Lilian, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A., 04 April 2007

 Dear Friends Cesar and Guadalupe,
We have traveled more than 100 countries all over the world and have visited many, many wonderful places. The hacienda shall always remain and be remembered as one of the most beautiful and serene. You are a most fortunate and deserving couple to be the owners and caretakers of this most exceptional place, this piece of heaven. It has been our honor and blessing to have met you and pass this way. Our memories have been enriched.

Jim and Jan Barter, Fresno, California, U.S.A., 12 October 2006

 Hacienda Manteles is a great place to get to know the high-Andean landscape. In particular the magnificent Cloud Forest offers nice hikes to beautiful waterfalls in a setting of exuberant vegetation. This highly valuable forest should be preserved and protected in the future in order to assure the existence of the beautiful stream that drains it. I had the opportunity to do a brief assessment of the stream fauna and this showed an excellent water quality. This important and highly diverse ecosystem has survived thanks to the conservational efforts of the owners of the hacienda, Cesar and Guadalupe. Come to Hacienda Manteles yourself and help protect the forest and stream with all its flora and fauna! 

Dean Jacobson, PhD. Freshwater Ecologist, Assoc. Prof, UC and UCE, 04 June 2006

 ... This place, these people, the delicious food and the hospitality of Hacienda Manteles is truely an experience ... I may have reached the heart of Ecuadorian hospitality! 

Larry Halfard, Los Angeles, California, USA, 09 October 2005

 Wonderful place. Thank you Diego for everything especially the fishing! Cecilia for one walk to the waterfall including our spanish lesson. Miguel for one cloud forest walk. The food was so good - Thank you all including Max Hope to return one day. 

Jenny - Richard Brett, Lancaster, England, 15 May 2005

 What a fabulous and most relaxing break. Much the best food we have had in ages, beautiful surroundings and great company. We will spread the word! 

Karie Wong, London, England, 05 February 2005

 I´ve been travelling for 3 months now staying at many nice places - in Costa Rica and Perú as well as Ecuador - this is the first place I wish I could stay for much longer. I´ll be back ... 

Kathy Moyer, Academic Study Associates, Armont, NY, 12 December 2004

 Au boub dune route superbe, dans un site grandiose lHacienda Manteles est un haire de paise! Lhospitalité de Diego et son équipe, leurs délicates attentions a notre égand font de lhacienda une étape des plus sympathique qui restera long temps gravée dans nos mémoires. Merci á tous Bien cordialment et merci tour la deliciense cuisine!

Along a superb scenery with the most amazing view, the Hacienda Manteles is a lair of peace! Diegos hospitality and that of his work team, their special attentions to us made our stay at the hacienda one of the most unforgettable. Thank you all and thank you for the delicious cuisine.

M/M Ripplinger, La Plainemer, France, 09 November 2004

 Good food, magnificent sceanery, friendly people and comfortable accommodations. What else does one need! 

Paul Wedge, Offbeat Tours, 01 August 2004

 It is sad to say good bye to Hacienda Manteles and its courteous work team. Thank you very much for the great hospitality, the wonderful house, the landscape and the people. Thank you, thank you for everything and good bye from Germany.Best regards. 

Margret and Klaus Cornelius, Germany, 11 May 2003

 In our trip here we have found a wonderful place, friendly people and a first class service. Thank you very much. 

Rosmarie and Hugo Spitter, Bern, Switzerland, 15 February 2003

 This is a magical place, a secret - hidden away in a very beautiful valley. We enjoyed your hospitality and the gardens. 

Harry & John Hehr, Manitoba, Canada, 23 December 2002

 What a wonderful, enchanting place. The staff are excelent, attentive and very friendly. This was the highlight of our swing through Ecuador. Thanks for everything- and we hope to see you again. 

Vince & Jony Toenjes, Denver, Colorado, USA, 22 December 2002

 We came as strangers and we leave as friends ... The atmosphere at the house, the gentle way of Diego and the friendly hospitality made us feel at home. The landscape, the mountains, the orchids, and for us, ornithologysts, the number of hummingbirds fascinated us ... this experience tied us even more to Ecuador. 

Claus Fentzloff, Ornithologist, Guttenberg Castle, Germany, 20 December 2002

 Thank you Hacienda Manteles for a lovely 2 days, walking through the cloud forest and around this beautiful pastorial area and viewing Tungurahua growing at night. All very memorable. 

Gordon & Maggie Taylor Treon, Scotsland, 19 December 2002

 The greatest view of your beautiful country! Thanks a lot for your kindness. It is heaven on (top of) Earth. 

Philipe Gehaumo, -, 09 December 2002

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