Salasaca Indigenous Market

Hacienda Manteles - Salasaca Indigenous Market – Hacienda Manteles: The Salasacas are the most important indigenous group of the province of Tungurahua. These people have preserved their traditions, customs and political organization. They are the main suppliers for the Otavalo Market in the north of Ecuador, where they exhibit and sell their famous tapestries. The production of these tapestries is still packed full of pre-Colombian traditions and designs, the same which strengthen the identity of this important indigenous group.

After visiting the Salasaca Market, the local Pilla family will welcome and share with us the traditions in making these tapestries. They will show us how they spin, dye and knit the wool. Each one of these processes is an art in itself, maintained from times past, as are the symbols found in the designs on each tapestry. This is a wonderful experience for those who are interested in learning about and sharing with other cultures.

The Pilla family can also take us walking or horse riding to visit the ‘huacas’ (sacred places) of this community. This community is working in what is known as communitarian tourism in order to improve their quality of life. By sharing these wonderful experiences with them you are also collaborating in the development of this community.

Aprox. time: 45 minutes (one way).