Hacienda Manteles – Puyo (Amazon Rainforest) – Hacienda Manteles: The road between Baños and Puyo is the ideal route to enjoy fantastic views along the course of the Pastaza River, declared a ‘Gift to the Earth’ by WWF. This route can be enjoyed in car or on bicycle. In only 50km you will experience the dramatic change in landscape starting in the high Andes and going right down to the Amazon rainforest. In Puyo you can visit Fátima Park, where they rehabilitate local threatened animal species such as caiman, tapirs, monkeys etc. The Botanical Garden is also worth a visit. Here you can observe over 300 species of orchids, as well as a host of medicinal plants and exotic flowers. Another favorite attraction is a traditional canoe ride along the river which offers a lovely insight into life in the Amazon.

Aprox. time: 45 minutes (one way).