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" It's hard to get away from a place so close to heaven " - Elle Magazine

Hacienda Manteles, a countryside villa in Ecuador, gets its name from the surrounding mountains and hills which are covered with agricultural fields and crops. The main house of the Hacienda is nestled in the middle of this ‘tablecloth’ of agricultural fields, in a warm and cosy environment.

The great culture of the Panzalea people, lived in the Valley of Manteles many years ago and a great number of archaeological pieces have been discovered around this area, many of which are on display in the dining room at Hacienda Manteles.

After the Spanish Conquest, the valley of Hacienda Manteles became part of a bigger Jesuit Hacienda. When the Jesuits were later expelled from Ecuador, the property passed through a variety of hands before being bought in 1930 by the Colombian Marco Antonio Restrepo, who converted it into one of the most productive haciendas of its time.

Today, Manteles belongs to the Durán – Calisto family (grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Marco Antonio Restrepo), who decided to open the doors of the hacienda to visitors from all over the world, to share with them the wonders that Hacienda Manteles and the whole of Ecuador has to offer.